- With inflation at 40 year highs and Minnesota government sitting on a record-setting surplus, your family deserves a major tax cut that puts money back in your pocket to help pay for gas, groceries, and your energy bills. I'll cut your taxes and permanently end taxes on social security for our seniors. 


- I will vote "NO" on gas tax increases. My opponent voted for a 70% gas tax increase (20 cents/gallon!) and to increase gas prices every year automatically. Gas would have been way over $5.00/gallon if all of his tax hikes had gone into effect! I know that gas prices are not only hurting family budgets, they're touching every sector of our economy and making inflation even more painful for your pocketbook. 


- Cutting wasteful government spending will help us cut taxes even more. Every day we hear stories about fraud in our government programs, and excuses from the politicians doing nothing to stop it. I will work to hold government accountable when it squanders your tax dollars, and eliminate fraud and waste in our government programs. Any savings from rooting out wasted funds should be sent back to taxpayers. 


- I will be a proud supporter of our law enforcement and first responders, and make sure they have the resources necessary to keep Central Minnesota families safe. 


Communities across Minnesota are struggling to recruit and retain officers — I will work to dedicate funds for training, increase pay, and explore other efforts to bring more talented people into the law enforcement profession and address the officer shortage. 

- Criminals should be held accountable and judges should sentence criminals based on the laws of our state. Too often judges and prosecutors are giving out light sentences well below what's prescribed in law and putting dangerous criminals back on the street. 

- We need to build on what's working: St. Cloud has been a model for public safety initiatives that are strengthening trust and support for law enforcement. I will promote the great work we're doing here in Central Minnesota, and look for other creative ways to improve relationships between police and communities in every city. 

- Other Public Safety Priorities: Addressing any backlog of forensic test kits; promoting neighborhood watch programs & reporting standards; highlight the important work being done by the St. Cloud Youth Leadership Committee programming, and more.